Get Involved

Yes, you can get involved! We’re listing several ways that you can begin to make a difference. You can start with our 30-Day ‘Stand for Humanity’ Challenge, pick one or more items from our WSU ‘Checklist’, or pick from our list of organizations where you can do your good! It truly does take each and every one of us. Through small acts of kindness, we can change the world. One person, one thought, one gesture, one moment at a time.

Start here anytime with our WSU 30-Day ‘Stand for Humanity’ Challenge.

Pick an item or more from our WSU Checklist of things that you can do to stand ‘Undivided’.

  1. Start at home and check yourself first – become aware of your own biases and work to eliminate them
  2. Find ways to connect with people different from yourself
  3. Read books, watch movies and documentaries to learn about others
  4. Engage in small gestures like a smile or starting a conversation with someone different from yourself
  5. Learn about our true history and the many contributions of others
  6. Participate in random acts of kindness
  7. Befriend someone of a different race, culture, religion or orientation
  8. Volunteer time, talent or money to causes that advocate for others
  9. Get involved and support organizations that help people from other countries get acclimated to life in your country
  10. Invite a family of a different race, religion or culture to share a meal, or pay for someone’s meal
  11. Learn a new language and interact with people who speak it
  12. Travel and expand your perspective, as well as others
  13. Attend different houses of worship and make a point to truly understand and respect beliefs espoused there
  14. Learn about different cultures and attend cultural events
  15. Get involved in the political process and vote your conscience, not your party
  16. Get involved in community efforts that help others and allow you to interact with a diverse group of people
  17. Bring awareness when you are in the company of someone engaged in hateful or divisive speech or behavior (only if it’s safe)
  18. Learn the act of listening for understanding
  19. Support, buy, wear items that promote unity and connectedness
  20. Donate to humanitarian efforts
  21. Join other organizations that fight in the causes that you support
  22. Decide not to participate in, encourage or instigate hateful, intolerant or divisive behavior
  23. Join the ‘We Stand Undivided’ community on our website:
  24. Complete the ‘I Commit’ Pledge here:
  25. Like, Share, Follow We Stand Undivided!

Is there a particular cause that speaks to your heart? Check out our list of organizations by category to find your calling.

Our list is currently being developed. Check back soon for more info.

Remember to sign our ‘I Commit’ Pledge so we can keep track of how you decided to get involved and be a part of
We Stand Undivided!!!