New Year, New Beginnings

Welcome 2021! We were all looking forward to turning the page on 2020. What a year it has been! No one could have anticipated what was to be in store for all of us; not just in this country, but worldwide. 2021 seems to be offering its own share of challenges… and now new opportunities. I believe we will rise to face those challenges, as well as move forward with the new opportunities presented to us; especially in terms of coming together.

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Telling Our Stories

I had graduated from college and after several years, returned to work for a local government as a manager. I was selected to take part in this new customer service training that was being developed. It was a two-day course that walked us through what customer service was all about and a large portion of the training focused on customer service from the customer, or should I say citizen, point

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Let Love Lead

Who would have thought that amid a totally life-changing pandemic, we would find ourselves at the forefront of a global movement protesting in response to the murder of George Floyd. Floyd’s death lit a spark that has set the world on fire! And is now our clarion call – not just here in the United States, but all over the world.  The callousness of his death and those of other

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The Only Constant Thing in Life is CHANGE

I’ve thought a lot about India’s song lately. How change IS the only constant. How life has always been about motion. How some changes have been subtle, while others have been life altering. It’s taken me over a month to really process this one. And I’m not sure I’m fully there, yet. The pandemic itself has been shattering on such a massive scale. Many have lost their lives or those

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