The Only Constant Thing in Life is CHANGE

The Only Constant Thing in Life is CHANGE

I’ve thought a lot about India’s song lately. How change IS the only constant. How life has always been about motion. How some changes have been subtle, while others have been life altering. It’s taken me over a month to really process this one. And I’m not sure I’m fully there, yet.

The pandemic itself has been shattering on such a massive scale. Many have lost their lives or those of loved ones. Many have lost their incomes. It’s caused a global wave of continual anxiety for many. It’s brought out an ugly side of humanity, especially here in this country. I couldn’t have imagined that a pandemic which gives true meaning to “we are all in this together,” could also be used to cause division. That saddens me because as bad as this is, this could have been the thing to bring us all together; to have us look beyond the differences that mean so little and have us instead focus on the fundamental truth that means so much. That we are one — one humanity trying to survive this devastating virus. Trying to pick up the pieces of our lives and figure out the next steps to this “new normal” that none of us can fully visualize.

But the truth is that so many people are out there looking out for each other, taking care of each other, supporting each other, and connecting with each other. We don’t see much of that because it doesn’t capture the front page or breaking news stories. But it does exist. That gives me hope because I know so many of you really care about each other and have a strong desire to come together as part of this mosaic that is our beautiful humanity. And I will not give anyone the power to take that hope away from me.

So as the earth takes some time to breathe…and heal, I’m finding time to breathe and heal, also. Assessing what’s really important and where I want to spend me time and resources to make a positive difference. I hope you’ll stick with me because we can all make a difference — each and every one of us.

I’m taking things one day at a time. Taking life as it comes, so to speak. And so grateful for this We Stand Undivided community. Much love…