Let Love Lead

Let Love Lead

Who would have thought that amid a totally life-changing pandemic, we would find ourselves at the forefront of a global movement protesting in response to the murder of George Floyd. Floyd’s death lit a spark that has set the world on fire! And is now our clarion call – not just here in the United States, but all over the world.  The callousness of his death and those of other African-Americans represents centuries of injustice and brutality inflicted on Black people in this country. That injustice can no longer be ignored. No sidelines here, folks. The movement for justice needs us all!

We must all use the resources we have available to us, whether it be marching in protest and solidarity, posting on social media, joining and supporting organizations like Black Lives Matter, contacting and putting pressure on politicians, and so on. We are joining a collective call to have our voices heard – and I have no doubt that we ARE making a difference! So, thanks to all of you for whatever part you are playing.

As an African-American woman, I’ve experienced a wide range of emotions during this time – anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, and yes, fear.  I’ve never felt more upset, yet at the same time, I’ve never felt more encouraged and supported. Seeing people coming together to stand for justice and equality and to have a genuine desire to affect change.

As I was in the car heading to my first protest, I was feeling anger. It was a well of emotion that came over me. “How could people treat each other in such horrible ways?”, I asked myself. As I turned on Spotify to listen to music to try to calm myself down, this beautiful song came on. One that I hadn’t heard before – Let Love Lead by Terrian. What a shift! My anger subsided, and my heart began to open. Music can be so powerful.  Here are a few of the words:

“Seeds of bitter root will grow bitter fruit. A tree without its limbs; where’s the righteousness? It’s better to be lowly along with the oppressed. Whatever’s in our hearts, our lives will reflect. Help us to be planted in you, Lord. Let Love lead — no matter how long the road. Let Love lead — even when it’s uncomfortable. Let Love lead — cause we have nothing if we don’t have love. Let Love lead, let Love lead — let Love lead us.

Here’s the link to the full song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH0ZgWjzxBQ

So, as I’m listening to this song I’m beginning to think that yes, love is leading the way. Protests are acts of love, sharing information about what’s going on is an act of love, supporting causes that fight for equal rights and justice including Black Lives Matter is an act of love. Becoming more conscious of the plight of African-Americans is an act of love. Doing whatever you can with whatever resources you have is an act of love. Showing up is an act of love. We must focus on letting love lead the way for… The force of love is the greatest power of all.
Where there is love, there is a way.
Love is the way.
Let love light the way, allow love to reveal the way.
Love lives inside my heart, your heart, our hearts.